Risk Management - a look at Employee Owned Trusts

  • Posted On: 21 March 2024
Employee Owned Trusts (EOT’s) are becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses owners to realise the value in their business when they exit.  A number of well known businesses have gone this route, like Ardman Animations, Go Ape, and Richer Sounds. According to the Employee Ownership Association there are now 1,418 employee owned businesses in the UK, yet they can be unpopular with credit insurers and bond underwriters (sureties). It’s worthwhile having a look at...

It's an election Year!

  • Posted On: 16 February 2024
During the course of 2024, there are a total of 64 elections across the globe, with the majority of the human race lining up to vote, one way or another. Some are seen as key, some are perhaps peripheral, but all of us will be affected by the decisions we make. It's already started, with Taiwan being one of the more significant ones. Our politicians are all busy telling us how good they are, and what they will do to benefit each and eveyone of us. Here's the thing, they can't....

Crisis? What Crisis?

  • Posted On: 14 December 2023
As the year draws to a close, its traditional to review the year that’s just been and look forward to the next. Why break with tradition? Back in 2022 we said that it looked like things were going to get rough. It’s taken a while, through wars, supply chain issues, supply chain inflation, recruitment problems and so on, but we’re definitely there. UK insolvencies have increased, and we’re nearly back to the bad old days of the credit crunch in terms of the...

The Rise of the Machines

  • Posted On: 12 June 2023
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been very much in the news lately, with views from that akin to Dad’s Army’s Private Fraser (`we’re all doomed’) to how beneficial it will be to mankind, with increased leisure time and improved health for all. It reminds me of an essay written in the 1930’s by John Maynard Keynes saying that in the developed world the grandchildren of that generation – my kids as it happens – should enjoy a 15 hour working week,...

Market Update

  • Posted On: 14 March 2023
As winter now slowly draws to a close, and we start to enjoy getting up in daylight,  it’s time agin to look at the the changes in the trade credit insurance market over recent months. I'll start close to home. In our business we have welcomed 2 new starters – Carol Au Young and Chelcee Witkowski, and by the end of April we hope to have 2 more. This reflects our continued investment in the business, to support our clients through what looks likely to be a difficult...


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