Government Support for Trade Credit Insurers confirmed

  • Posted On: 4 June 2020

The details of Government suppoort for UK Trade Credit Insurers have been confirmed. The Government is providing £10Bn of support. It covers from April 2020 and runs to the end of the year. It should mean that capacity and coverage will be maintained at a higher level than otherwise would have happened, though our general advice remains unchanged. This is:

  • Not all credit insurers will necessarily sign up, though all have been involved in the discussions, There is a premium cost to signing up, and for some insurers the decision is not just a UK one. At this stage it seems unlikely that any would want to be left out. The application process should be completed this month.
  • Insurers who do sign up will not write bad risks as a result of HMG backing
  • Any reinstatement of cover will be demand led (clients will need to reapply per customer, blanket reinstatements are highly unlikely), and subject to risk criteria
  • Premiums will probably continue to rise. Refunds are unlikely unless justified by the contract (e.g. no claims bonuses)
  • Insurers will remain cautious on new business

Any queries please speak to your usual contact at W Denis Credit Risks or e-mail This inbox is checked every couple of hours.


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