Review of the Year

  • Posted On: 11 January 2022
Like many of us, I was invited by Linked In before Christmas to consider the `wins’ in 2021. Given the year it seems an odd invitation. 2021 has been a difficult year for many people, with uncertainty over holidays, jobs, and in the later stages a surge in inflation, supply chain disruption, and a big hike in energy prices. There have been wins of course – most notably the vaccination programme –and towards to end of the year we seemed to be getting back to normal (until...

Why Business should look to Credit Insurance

  • Posted On: 14 October 2021
It looks like the long forecast increase in UK company failures is finally with us.  The Bank of England included this in its quarterly report last week, and Euler Hermes reckon a 20% increase in the last quarter of this year. A bit closer, to home we have seen a noticeable uptick in claims and business failures, with half of the claims we have had this calendar year received after June. Below is a chart of the UK insolvency statistics through to June 2021, and even here you can see...

Trade Credit Global Join the W Denis family

  • Posted On: 1 September 2021
I am pleased to announce that in August we acquired the business of Trade Credit Global (UK) Ltd (TCG). TCG are a specialist broker based in London, and one we have done some work with in the past. They bring a wealth of experience, particuarly in finance and International trade, and our London team will be joined by Bridget Chapman from TCG. Bridget is well known in the Credit Insurance Industry, have previously worked at both Euler Hermes and Aon (to name but two). It also opens up other...

Wave, what Wave?

  • Posted On: 8 March 2021
It has been widely forecast that there will be a wave of corporate failures as one of the economic consequences of the pandemic. It hasn’t happened yet, and the view from the credit insurers is that it is the Government support schemes that have helped to stave this off. So when will businesses start to run out of cash? Here we look at the key schemes and the current post budget timetable (or Roadmap), with the next key dates being the end of March and June. No business providing...

Reflections on 2020 and 2021

  • Posted On: 18 January 2021
January is named after the minor Roman Deity, Janus, the God of doors and transitions. He is sometimes depicted with two faces, one looking forward, and one looking back. Perhaps for this reason it is traditionally a time to reflect on the year that has just gone, and plan for the year that is ahead. I don’t think anyone writing 12 months ago today was forecasting the year as it actually turned out. `Unprecedented’ has become an overused word, but it has been a very different...


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