Credit Insurance

The modern world is built on Credit, accessed by both Governments and businesses. It is sometimes called the lubricant of modern trade. 

What Is Credit Insurance?

Credit insurance protects your cash flow, reserves, and shareholder investment. As a company dealing with business-to-business transactions on credit terms, credit insurance can be an invaluable tool in your credit risk management strategy. The assets that credit insurance protects can be affected by bad debt – whether from business insolvency, payment default or, on exports, an outside political event that frustrates payment obligations.

The Benefits of Having Credit Insurance:

  • It protects your business against bad debt.
  • It enables you to ‘know your customer’ in a globalised market as credit insurance companies gather vast amounts of data on businesses across the world which they share with their policyholders.
  • The data gathered above provides you with invaluable insight into the credit worthiness of a new customer.
  • The data also allows you to analyse the ongoing financial health of your current customer base, which gives you the confidence to offer credit terms whilst enabling account growth with strong business partners.

Your Credit Insurance Options

Many companies who buy credit insurance cover an entire ledger simply because this is the most cost effective way to buy. However, it is far from the only route. Whether you are looking to protect yourself by insuring a single invoice, single debtor, export only, or top customers; through to seeking a product that will protect against catastrophe and provide non-cancellable limit coverage. We can find you a cost effective credit risk solution for your business.

Create a Bespoke Credit Insurance Plan to Suit You

As a leading independent credit insurance broker, we pride ourselves on listening to your requirements and designing a credit risk solution that works for your company. Every business is different, and a bespoke approach ensures that the products we recommend will work alongside your credit risk management style. Credit insurance can help you access finance, protect your reserves and help you grow your business in an ever evolving and challenging world. For larger businesses, the right solution can also enhance a good corporate governance system enabling long-term success and economic growth.

Explore our range of solutions to discover the best one for you and your business. Download our leaflet to find out more about trade credit insurance, or contact us for further information.