It's an election Year!

  • Posted On: 16 February 2024

During the course of 2024, there are a total of 64 elections across the globe, with the majority of the human race lining up to vote, one way or another. Some are seen as key, some are perhaps peripheral, but all of us will be affected by the decisions we make. It's already started, with Taiwan being one of the more significant ones.

Our politicians are all busy telling us how good they are, and what they will do to benefit each and eveyone of us. Here's the thing, they can't. The John Lydgate aphorism about pleasing all of the people has become so old it's almost a cliche, and its simple commonsense that you can't please an entire population with often very different views. Sadly we have developed a system where to get ahead in politics, you have to have the hide of a rhinoceros, a towering ego, and a delusional level of self belief. It's not a great combination for what should be public service. 

At least we have a real vote. In some countries of course there is no real choice - Russia is rather an obvious one but they are not alone -  and for some the choices look pretty invidious. However, whichever way you look at it it's a year of change, and those changes both within and without borders will have a very real effect. The people of Europe and the UK don't have a say in the US elections, but what happens there matters. To quote another old saying, if America sneezes, Europe gets a cold.

Its hard enough steering a business through change and growth, and with so much happening around the world this year, its only sensible to take steps to protect your business from the unforseen as best as you can. Yes there's a cost to this, but imagine the cost if you don't.

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