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Risk management

With our extensive background in credit and risk management, we have the necessary skills and sensitivities to undertake a wide range of consultancy projects in the credit management area, providing advice which can support you at all stages of the credit management cycle. We are able to undertake a range of assignments from simple health checks through to complex strategy and compliance reviews, up to and at Board level. For larger businesses we can deliver a strategic risk assessment which uses a unique scoring system to analyse credit risks and potential areas of improvement.

Credit Insurance

Any business that sells to another business usually does so on credit terms. When you agree credit terms, you incur a risk – that your customer can’t pay when they are supposed to. The impact on cash flow can be devastating, and even for businesses with substantial cash reserves it can impact on shareholder value, and cause plans for the business to be changed as you move to cope with the unexpected.

Trade Credit Insurance can help with that risk in a B2B environment. Simply put, when your customer does not pay, the insurer does, and the policy provides a set of basic credit management disciplines that can help to actually improve cash flow. The larger specialist insurers will also provide services (such as credit vetting and debt collection) as part of the package. By insuring, you join a `virtual credit circle’ which can help you to identify the bad customers before you have a problem.  Cover can be purchased for

  • A single invoice
  • A single debtor
  • Exports only
  • UK only
  • To cover a single division
  • Top debtors only
  • On a catastrophe basis

Cover is limited to insolvency and protracted default (failure to pay) and, for exporters, a range of political risks. View some of the benefits of Credit Insurance here.


Some Companies need bonds as part of their business, from performance and retention bonds to duty deferment, pension and land restoration. The traditional route is via your bank, but this can take up a valuable part of your overall banking facility. We can help to ensure that these are placed in the insurance market, thus keeping your facility free for other purposes. We can also advise on wordings and how they work.

Political Risk

If you are selling overseas, have goods on hire overseas, or have overseas subsidiaries, these could be at risk from political events wholly outside of the control of you or your customer. The Arab Spring, the rise of ISIL and recent events in Ukraine demonstrate how hard it is to predict what is coming up in the global political sphere. These risks (typically expropriation, confiscation, war, riot and acts of foreign governments) can be insured, and the UK is a leading market for this. Through our sister company, W Denis Insurance Brokers, we have direct access into Lloyds of London, as well as other insurers. As with all insurance, if the risk has already occurred or is very obvious it’s probably too late to buy the cover, so it is best to review in advance the risks your business is undertaking. Contact us for a free risk review.

Finance For Business

When you take out credit insurance you secure a business asset, typically one of the largest current assets most businesses have. A secured debtor asset can be used to help raise finance, either directly through an invoice discounting or factoring facility (sometimes called asset based lending), or indirectly via an enhanced overdraft facility. The policy can usually be assigned to the bank for asset based lending.

If, for any reason you are not happy with your current arrangements we have contacts with a variety of funders and finance brokers around the UK and we are happy to help.


As the internet shrinks the global economy, we are seeing a rise in fraud in the B2B environment. The two most common are false accounts to obtain a good credit rating (and then ordering goods on credit and disappearing) and identity theft – where the website and email addresses of a creditworthy company are copied to obtain goods by deception. We are able to advise on what you need to look out for and we can put a policy in place to protect you against fraud.  Please note though, that corporate identity theft is not covered under a credit insurance policy.

Ledger and Policy Management

We have links to a business with a background in finance who can help you by

  • Providing outsourced credit control either permanently or temporarily (for instance to cover holidays)
  • Collect debt for you
  • Provide a policy management service in conjunction with running your credit control

This can help to improve your cash flow and decrease the risk in your business.  For more information visit http://64gltd.com/